Update: Speed School Evaluation

February 9, 2016


One of my weak areas at the moment is running speed so my Dad took me to Parisi Speed School for an evaluation. As a QB and MLB I did not think speed was so important, but Parisi was so much fun, and remind me of the NFL Combine! I did all kinds of running drills, vertical jump, broad jump, plus more cool activities. My dad was shocked at my performance since I have not been active since football season ended for me in early November. So how did I do?

Running: Delayed start, great acceleration, but fades to me running on my heels after the 10 yard mark.
Vertical Jump: Just shy of 6 feet goal by a couple inches. Yikes!
Chin Ups: Zero! But with resistant band I was able to do them.
Broad Jump: My new nickname is Frogman..joke! I did well.
Summary: I have potential to get a lot better. I lack the proper technique for running, etc but with the provided training at least 3 times a week I can see my numbers decrease! I also have weak hips which I have to work on every other day at home. Your hips are your core and the stronger it is the more you can prevent injury.

Force is measured by Mass (body weight) x Acceleration (speed). I am tall and slim so my force will need more acceleration to be able to take down some of my defenders as they are running my way. Also speed will help me inside the pocket during a blitz or any QB sneaks/options.

I will give you updates on my growth with speed as I get updates! Meanwhile check out my Training page for videos of helpful tips I utilize for training at home.